Weekend in New York flying Porter

12105811_10153657821705797_3894906078008117685_nPorter AirlinesDuring the fall of 2016 myself and a friend flew Porter Airlines from Sudbury to New York for the weekend. When travelling to New York from Sudbury it will probably be cheaper if you fly Porter Airlines. In Sudbury you can hop on a Porter Flight and with one connection in Toronto you can either go directly to New York or do like we did, fly into Newark, New Jersey.

NewarkWhen we landed in New Jersey and went through customs you could see the sky line of New York City. It was breathtaking, and a real nice thing to see. So since we were just going for a few days and its two dudes we only had a carry-on which was nice because we didn’t have to wait for our luggage to come through. Now when we arrived there we had a few options to get us into the city. We could take the bus, train or taxi. We decided on taking the bus and for the time of day it was we made it downtown New York from the Newark Airport in under an hour.

Subway in New YorkWhen you get to New York you are going to want to examine the subway system. For me this was the second time I had used the subway in my adult life, the first was Montreal and you can’t really compare the two cities. Now we were downtown New York and had to get to Long Island, New York and the hands down best way to do that is by subway. The subway system in New York was so much easier than I had anticipated. You just buy a metro pass and you have access to the subway with no problems, you just swipe and go.


Now that we were checked into the hotel we were off to start our weekend in the big apple. What we had decided to do was check out the Mets game against the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs were in town for game 1 of the National League Championship Series. We got our tickets the night before on Stub Hub and it wasn’t that expensive either. I think $200 a ticket and compared to what the Jays tickets were going for it was a bargain.

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For us to go to the game at Citi Field we took the subway which was about a 20 minute subway ride. When taking the subway to Citi Field you are dropped off virtually at the front door. The public transportation in New York, in my opinion, was awesome.


The Mets game was unbelievable and the stadium is world class. I would definitely recommend checking out a baseball game if you are in the area. When we went to the game the stadium was packed but the fans where awesome and considering I wore a Toronto Blue Jays Jersey made for all the fun. When we were there the food was great to and the prices weren’t that expensive, at least compared to Canada. After the game which the Mets won! woo hoo we hoped back on the subway and got back to our hotel with no problems at all.

Madison Square Gardens 10393980_10153657820505797_7727149319474344842_n

The next day we woke up early to hit the New York Rangers afternoon game. The Saturday afternoon game was interesting because I would have thought a Saturday game would be at night but it was all good. We showed up extremely early just because I guess but it wasn’t a problem and we were able to get down to ice level for the pre game warm ups. Being in Madison Square Garden (MSG) was awesome if you are a sports fan. Madison Square Garden was packed and the lineups at the concessions where very short and the price of beer was reasonable as well. Remember when I say reasonable I am comparing the pricing to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Goalie 11214368_10153657821265797_5998823451747785689_n12109034_10153657821015797_6004672973665685506_n12096277_10153657821450797_2622483413798665173_n

The game was against the New Jersey Devils so the crowd was definitely pumped up. During the game we sat beside some Americans who had there kid at the game and they were very friendly. We chatted about the difference in hockey development between the U.S. and Canada and all was good. During the game I just happened to look over and what did we see? A Fight! HAHA Very funny. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing actually. A fight in the stands at a Rangers game? Awesome!

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The game ended up going into overtime so they were down to 3 on 3. During OT one of the Rangers players hit the crossbar and the sound it made was pretty cool, you could hear it throughout the arena, awesome. Now the game ended with the Devils scoring in OT but it was awesome to watch a hockey game in Madison Square Garden.


After the game we headed out to see Time Square and do some shopping in that area. When we were down in Time Square we shopped at Grand Slam New York which is an awesome gift shop that had amazing deals on stuff. After this we ate at a pizza place called Patzeria Perfection Pizza Pasta and Grill. This pizza place is located on West 46th Street and doesn’t have a website but the place was phenomenal and I recommend it hands down.

After spending some time in that area we headed back to the hotel for a couple drinks and didn’t really do much after that. I will be back to New York to visit more of the sites but this was really just a sporting weekend where we got to see the Mets and Rangers play.

For our way back on the Sunday we totally figured out the easiest way. To get back to the Newark Airport we took the Subway to Grand Central Station and once we were there we hopped on the Amtrak to Newark and then the monorail straight to the terminal where Porter has its lounge. In the Newark airport Porter Airlines has there own lounge which is awesome so we went there and flew back to Canada which was super easy. If you are near Toronto or live in a city that Porter flies to Toronto from I would say this is probably one of the fastest, cheapest ways to get to New York and you won’t be disappointed!


Until next time thanks for reading and check out my Facebook Page for more upcoming trips!