Top Must Have Travel Products

Travel ProductsWhen I am on the road I alway bring certain travel products with me. It really doesn’t matter if I am flying or driving or taking The Chi-Cheemaun across Lake Huron but I usually bring the regular things. Below is a short list of my regular things I bring with me every time I travel.

When I’m flying I will always bring travel products such as earphones with me. There is nothing more annoying than sitting on a flight with those terrible ones they sell on the plane. The earphones that I like to bring are Beats By Dre. These earphones are the best ones I have ever had. I have had Sony noise cancelling earphones as well but having to find a AAA battery to get the noise cancelling to work is annoying. Personally when on a long hall I always have earphones they are my number one thing to bring on any trip.

Beats By Dre

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones  –

The next thing I will bring with me is a GoPro. GoPro’s are awesome and self explanatory. I will always bring them with me from now on. Last summer while at Great Wolf Lodge I decided to bring mine but forgot the memory card so I couldn’t use it and that was a bummer but I guarantee if you are going anywhere tropical from now on you will want one with you. There are a couple of things you will want with the GoPro though and that is a bobber and a waterproof case. You will want these because when on the beach you can go in the water with these things and they take amazing underwater videos. While in the Bahamas over the March Break this year I went snorkelling with the fish and had my go pro the whole time. It made some pretty amazing videos.

GoPro HERO4 Silver (The one I have) –

GoPro Bobber w/ Adjustable Strap –

GoPro Waterproof Case  –

My next must have is a carry on suit case for a plane. I purchased a larger RipCurl one when I was in my mid 20’s but now I have a smaller one. The reason for this is you might want to pack very light and by doing so it makes it easier when going through the airports. The worst thing is getting off a plane and having to wait at the luggage terminal for your suitcase that is half empty when you can all ready be in a limo on your way to the hotel.

Carry on Luggage


When I am traveling I always bring sunglasses with me. I am a firm believer of not buying things I don’t need when on vacation. Kind of like the products above. You need them but don’t want to buy them because why wouldn’t you just bring them. So when I am travelling its always a nice pair of aviators and ready to go. Sometimes the sun gets in your eyes on the plane or you are in a hot climate and want shades on.



The next must have is ear plugs. You can stick a couple pairs in your shaving case and be ready. Sometimes you may not be travelling with your spouse and you may be with a friend. Unfortunately that friend may snore like a banshee and in that case you will thank me for this.

Ear Plugs –

All in all for travel products to bring on a trip these are my must haves. I always bring these items with me. Bring these travel products with you on your next trip and thank me when you get home. Until next time I hope this helped and enjoy your vacation!