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Top 5 European Vacations

Europe can be a romantic getaway for two or a beautiful family vacation. Our list of top 5 European vacations will take a look at what destinations we would love to see you visit. I hope you enjoy the read and share this article with your friends!

Recently I conducted a twitter poll to see what area of the world my followers enjoyed reading about. In the poll I had given the choices of Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. Needless to say my follower still chose Europe!

Top 5 European Vacations:

Germany: Germany has long been the centre attraction for Europe. When traveling to Europe from the United States or Canada you will want to fly the prestigious German airline Lufthansa. I have flown Lufthansa a number of times and have never been disappointed. The majority of times I have traveled to Germany Inhave flown into Frankfurt and that’s fine but it’s not necessary. Germany has a beautiful landscape and is very populated so you can basically fly into Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Hannover or anywhere really. With so much to do in Germany you can go at any season and be delighted. Oktoberfest is one time I want to go but haven’t been able to yet so that’s a bucket list for me. A number of things can be done in Germany from traveling the Rien River in a bot Cruse to visiting castles from the 1800’s. Germany is rich in historic sights and is a must visit for any history buff.

France: When people mention France some might think cheese, wine and love. The countryside is really beautiful and France has plenty to offer other than Paris. When traveling to France, again, you might want to take the country airline, Air France. I have flown to Paris from Toronto using this airline and the one recommendation I can give is to take the late flight. When we traveled to Paris we flew out at dinner time and arrived in paris in the morning. So unless you can sleep in a plane I don’t recommend this because I was so burnt that it took 2-3 day s to adjust. Nonetheless what is there to do? Go and take the wine tours. I have been on tours for Dom Parignon and Moet which were amazing. I would also say go and see Versailles because that is a very beautiful place. If you love river cruising you can even go from France across Europe so that might be an amazing way to see the country. There is so much to do in France and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Italy: What country in Europe has so much culture and great food? I would have to say Italy. If you want a romantic getaway with a reasonable budget this will be the place. You can visit so many historic places sites that you will jot be disappointed. Your destinations in Italy can include Rome, Pisa, Florence and Venice. All of these cities have amazing attractions from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Colosseum in Rome. Italy sent a very big country geographically so you will have plenty of time to visit everything in a couple of weeks. I recommend taking in the Italian culture we have all come to love.

Sweden: How about traveling to Northern Europe? You will find Sweden is a destination you want to see. If you have never been to Sweden you will definitely want to check out Stockholm. When we traveled to Stockholm we visited a number of attractions in a day. It really all depends on how much you want to take in. The place is beautiful and you will see so much history. I learned a lot when going there and was really surprised. One thing you should keep in mind about Sweden though is that they do not use the Euro and have there own currency, The Kroner.

Switzerland: The landscape of Switzerland is really something to see. I feel you plan on mountain climbing or skiing, you may not fondness anything comparable ever. The Swiss Alps are breathtaking and a forsure bucket list destination for anyone. You will find castles and beautiful ski resorts throughout this Central European country but inparticular in Bern, you will experience the culture unlike anywhere else.

This list of Top 5 European Vacations is just the start. Traveling throughout Europe is fun and can be done easily by train if that’s something you think you would enjoy. Rail is an economical way to visit and see the countryside at the same time. You could travel a lifetime through Europe and never see it all. You will love each and every one of these hotspots. Don’t forget to Like and Share this list with all your aspiring travel friends! You can follow more of our travels and find amazing travel deals by signing up to our newsletter.


24 Hours in Stockholm

Back in 2009 I had the opportunity to travel to Stockholm, Sweden. I travelled there from Hannover, Germany and the flight wasn’t to long minus the layover in Copenhagen. I was able to spend 24 hours in Stockholm before going to Northern Sweden for a few days. The airline we flew to go to Stockholm was Scandinavian Air lines (SAS) and it was really nice. The staff was great and people on the plane were friendly. We even had some conversations with other passengers during the flight!

Stockholm 307578_10150355090510797_7604337_n294139_10150355083600797_810051_n304356_10150355083810797_2007815_n

Should you want to go to Sweden I will give you some advice first hand, exchange your money and put your Euro’s away. While in Sweden my travel buddy for the trip had the unfortunate accident of paying with Euro’s instead of Kronor. At the time the Euro was very expensive and the Kronor not so much. I would have compared it to 50 Kronor was like $5 Canadian in purchasing power. Nonetheless do this because my buddy paid 500 Euro’s for a steak instead of 500 Kronor and didn’t realize until getting back to the hotel. 

Now what to do in Stockholm? This is such  a beautiful city, it really is. When I arrived in Stockholm I had no clue how nice the city was. The city of Stockholm is rich with history and you are going to want to take advantage of some of the things to see while there.

Stockholm 307080_10150355087810797_4161668_n 308369_10150355090060797_1909539_n 308527_10150355087460797_2199865_n

When I was in Stockholm I never used a vehicle and it is a very walkable city. You are actually going to want to walk and see all the unique architecture compared to North American cities. You will also love the stone roads and sidewalks, such a work of history.

Nobel MuseumWhen there you will want to check out the Nobel Museum. This is the museum where that they have dedicated to all the Nobel prize winners. You can find out more about this historic tour at their website by clicking here.

Now that you have done that you will want to check out The National Museum. This museum is located on the peninsula in Stockholm. This is in the middle of Stockholm so no need to worry, you will not miss it. The Museum displays art exhibits of the Royalty in Sweden. Before travelling to Sweden I didn’t even know they had a King, Queen or anything like that so it was a surprise to learn about the history. Again you can click here to direct you to the link of the museum.

312213_10150355092125797_2560861_n313496_10150355088550797_5876026_n310490_10150355090310797_5666344_n 307110_10150355090160797_6277433_n

Another Place you will want to go to is the Rosenadler Place (Brankontoret). This are was built in 1679 and is a wonderful sight to see. In this area you will also find the tour of where the Princess of Sweden and such things like that. Really rich on history and was something worth seeing. Here in North America we don’t learn to much about the history of European countries and more specifically of Scandinavian countries so it was really nice to see.

Olof PalmeOlof Palme

One of the historical things to also see is where the murder f Sweden’s Prime Minister took place. This is right in Stockholm and they have the area marked off with a plaque and is part of the countries rich history. Prime Minister Olof Palme was murdered on February 28, 1986. This is something I also learned while I was in Sweden that I had never even heard of before going there.


Now that you have toured a bit of Sweden’s history you will also notice the shops and markets. These are also great things to do when in Stockholm. If you are going to spend some time there you will be able to see much more but for 24 hours in Stockholm you will find that this will be satisfying.

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