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Horseshoe Ski Resort

Horseshoe Valley ski resort is located about 20 minutes north of Barrie, Ontario. We do not live in Barrie though so it was about a 3 hour drive for us. We decided to go to this resort because of the price compared to others such as Blue Mountain in Collingwood.

Skiing in Ontario, Canada is one of the greatest experiences you will have. The snow is plentiful and usually the weather is great. The snow belt which it is often called is located between Toronto, Ontario and Perry Sound, Ontario. The weather in this part is usually snowing and with the mild temperatures and mountainous terrane it makes for perfect ski weather.

The resort we stayed at was the Horseshoe Resort and the part of the resort we stayed in was the Slopeside Condos. We rented a 2 bedroom slope side condo for 5 days and it happened to be on the 3rd of 5 floors. The resort is very pet friendly and we brought our big black lab with us for the trip. I would say though that they should have more garbages located on the resort because there is only few places you can throw away your dogs poop.

The condos were very dated to 1990’s or even earlier but while we were there I enquired and they are renovating top to bottom the condos and are selling them at the end of this ski year. I would suspect the price to sky rocket after that. I was surprised about the skiing there though and considering the price of the condos.

While we were there we needed to get some stuff and there is a grocery store and beer/liquor store within a 5 minute drive up the road. So that isn’t to bad. What is on the resort is 2 restaurants and a cafeteria. The restaurants are great and not that pricey considering where you are. I would definitely recommend eating at the Crazy Horse Sports Bar. This place has an abundance of TV’s and has a very good atmosphere. if you like to eat a bit more of a fancy meal than I would recommend the Inn Steakhouse which is good but a little bit more formal.


The meals we had were all good and the fact we had our own condo makes these types of get aways even better because its a lot more convenient to wake up in the morning and brew your coffee, get your kid a bowl of cereal and make some bacon and eggs. If thats your thing than condos are the way to go!

Now for what we went for, the skiing and snow tubing! The Snow tubing was excellent and the hill appeared to be very high. The top was a little disorganized and you kinda just pick whatever line you want and hope for the best. to get to the top you take a conveyor belt so thats a bonus as you don’t have to do any walking. While we were there the price was great. The day we went it was $10 unlimited riding but the regular price is $4 a ride. That isn’t to bad because how many times are you really going to go down? Really?

On to the skiing at Horseshoe Resort. This hill is excellent for beginners. I haven’t skied in about 20 years so I didn’t know what to expect at all. When we arrived we ended up renting skis which was extremely costly. My wife and son both took lessons and for the 5 year old it was expensive but definitely worth it. He took group lessons which were pretty much 1 on 1 and they lasted 2 hours, we signed him up 2 days in a row. My wife on the other hand took one 2 hour lesson and learned a lot as well. She had never skied before and it was her first time so it was good for her to get a lesson in.

Now the hill is small but they do have or did have 4 chair lifts operational while we were there. I know when I say small that doesn’t sound like it but and it is bigger than some of the other hills in Ontario but if you have ever been to Mont Tremblant or skiing in British Columbia than you would know what I mean. Nonetheless this hill is perfect for beginners and the kids or bunny hill is amazing for the tykes with lots of room and its own chair lift. So when they try this one and get comfortable it should just be a progression over to the main ones.

Well this was the trip in a nutshell and you can visit my Facebook page, Twitter Account, Instagram or Pinterest to see more incredible journey’s! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Wine Tour

Niagara Falls Wine Tour

Niagara Falls Wine Tour

While in Niagara Falls, Ontario a few years back we decided to check out a full day wine tour. This Niagara Falls wine tour was amazing. The hotel we stayed at called The Sterling Inn had set the whole thing up in one of there packages.

Wine Tour Niagara Falls IMG_0387_2This hotel all came to be by accident. One time in Niagara Falls myself and my wife were driving around and deciding if we should stay at Fallsview Casino or another hotel and we got lost. This was the best getting lost decision ever! If it is a decision. Nonetheless we stumbled upon this unique looking hotel with a giant milk jug covered in stucco. We decided to stop in and see if there was anything available and there was. Now overtime we visit the city we always stay there.


Back to the adventure that leads this post. Myself and my wife decided on visiting Niagara and called the hotel to see if there was any types of winery tours or anything that they set up and luck would have it there was. We decided to go with the full day guided wine tour that provided a lunch at one of the beautiful wineries at Niagara on the Lake. This is a beautiful place as well if you ever get a chance to be in the area.

Niagara Vintage Wine Tours

To start the wine tour the driver picked us up first so we did get amazing seats on the bus. The good thing that happened is it wasn’t a party bus but we all had a good time. I can assure you if you like wine tours this is the one. The wine tour stopped at two wineries in the morning and then we stopped for lunch. Once we had an amazing lunch we ended up at two more wineries before heading back to the hotel. Once we arrived back at the hotel we were privileged to have an excellent multi course dinner in the hotel restaurant which is top notch.

Dinner at AG Inspired IMG_00000692 IMG_00000696 IMG_00000697 (1) IMG_00000698 IMG_00000699 (1) IMG_00000700 IMG_00000701 (1) IMG_00000702 IMG_00000706 IMG_00000708

The restaurant at the Sterling Inn is called AG Inspired Cuisine and is a hidden gem for tourists in the city. If you ever want to be blown away in Niagara Falls while having a romantic get away, this is it.

This whole entire experience happened because of being lost in a city that you shouldn’t get lost in. We had decided to return a number of times and we have stayed here every time. This is one of the greatest places to stay in Niagara Falls that you will find.

IMG_00000629Konzelmann Estate WineryBetween The Lines WineryIMG_00000635

A couple of places we had visited was Between The Lines, Peller Estates, Konzelmann Estate Winery and Pillitteri Estates. The wine tour brings you to some of the best wineries in the world, believe it or not. The wineries we went to had wine masters that had won multiple awards. The awards were won for ice wine mostly. So if you like that kind of wine I will say go! The climate in Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake is pristine for ice wine so take advantage of these conditions and enjoy your wine.

Wine Cellar

The next time you are in Niagara Falls with your significant other or are deciding what to do for a weekend you will not be disappointed with doing anything in this post. If you want a great wine tour experience the one at Sterling Inn is magnificent and if you want to visit a spa they also have those facilities as well. This is a reasonable priced destination and you will surely have a blast.

Until next time Cheers!

Weekend in Toronto

IMG_4454If you ever wanted to go to Toronto, Ontario there is so much to see. I had just had the pleasure of going to “the big smoke” as they like to call it over the past weekend. So where I’m from Toronto is a 4 hour drive South and on the way there a majority of the road is four lanes and they are working to get the highway completed sometime in my life time. Another option if you do decide to travel to Toronto is to fly and depending on where you are flying from I would definitely look into using Porter Airlines. Porter flies right downtown Toronto to Billy Bishop Airport and you will ample options to get to the heart of downtown for $10 from there.

IMG_4418When in Toronto this weekend we stayed at One King West which is right in the heart of downtown. If you do stay there you are a 10 minute walk north to the Eaton Centre and 5 – 10 minute walk South to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The one thing I personally like about staying at 1 King West is they are all condos, so you get a fridge, stovetop, microwave, dishwasher etc. all in the room.

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So while in Toronto there is so much to do. As mentioned above you can go shopping and see the Hockey Hall of Fame within a stones throw from this hotel. This weekend I went to a Toronto Blue Jays game and it was great. If you do stay at 1 King West you can walk there in a matter of 15-20 minutes or you can take the TTC street car West 5 stops and you will be a 2 minute walk away from the Sky Dome.

IMG_4435This place is just spectacular and our seats were section 113C Row 14 seat 101-103 and it did not disappoint. The one thing I do caution on is when sitting along the first base line when the dome is open during an afternoon game bring sunscreen, a hat and sun glasses because you will get pounded by the heat! So the game was great and the Jays did beat the Baltimore Orioles that day! Edwin Encarnación owned the Orioles on the weekend hammering some good homers.

After the game we went for dinner at the Marche Restaurant which is between 1 King West and the Hockey Hall of Fame. Its awesome and economical, when you go you grab a card and check out all the different foods they have. You decide on what you want and you give the card to the attendant they swipe it and you pay after. To give you an idea we had pizza, mushrooms, fruit, steak, beer, mashed potatoes and some drinks and it was under $80. Thats pretty awesome in downtown Toronto where breakfast can cost you $50. Nonetheless there is so much to do in Toronto that you will see as we move along with the blog all the fun things we do there. This was 1 thing and we were there for a weekend.

Until next time happy travels!

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