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Great Travel Deals And Products For The New Year

As 2016 comes to an end I thought I’d throw up some great travel deals and products to get your year started off on the right foot. To celebrate the new year I will include some of the best deals on products and travel destinations. Have you thought about going to the Atlantis or a Sandals Resort? Now don’t look further.

Over the past year I have traveled to some very beautiful destinations but the one that stood out far above the others is our time at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. You can read about that incredible destination here. Now if you are looking for a great vacation to the Bahamas with family or couples this place is ideal. Below are some really spectacular links you can take advantage of if you choose.

Reserve Ahora y Ahorre – Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

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One of the most beautiful resorts I have ever wanted to stay at was the Sandals Resorts. These resorts from what I hear are some of the most luxurious resorts on the planet. For people who work hard and want to enjoy some time in a very friendly atmosphere they may be perfect for you.

Save up to 55% at Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort

Save up 65% + Receive an Instant Air Credit of up to $1,000 At Sandals Resorts.

One of the best things I’ve ever done is travel to Las Vegas. I have been going there regularly for over a decade now. The first time I graced Vegas was in a motor home but the first time I went with a friend we stayed at the Flamingo. Like I said, I have been going for over a decade and I have stayed in numerous locations. Most recently I stayed at the Bellagio but I’ve also stayed at the Venetian, Ceasers Palace, Golden Nugget and hopefully one day soon I’ll be at the Wynne. I wrote a couple of blogs this year on Las Vegas. One I wrote was on Downtown Vegas and the other about the famous Las Vegas Strip. You can read either of those in my blog by clicking the highlighted links above. If you want superb Vegas deals I have them for you below. Take it from me, I love Vegas so I love these deals!

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas from $67 on Expedia!

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Now I told you I would provide you with some great deals for the new year and these are a great start if you are planning a vacation. These deals won’t last forever though so take advantage of them while you can.

Now what would traveling be without traveling in comfort? When you do hit the blue highway you may want take one of the most frequently sold items for travel that is out there. You may be wondering what that is? Well it’s the travel pillow. Below you can find some amazing deals on travel pillows!

Also if you are traveling you may want some earphones for the flight. I know when I travel I always use my Beats by Dre headphones but at the end of the day any noise cancelling headphones work for those loud flights.

Now that you have a few destinations and some great travel deals, not to mention some awesome accessories you are going to wanna get going. Hurry up and book that trip before these deals are gone.

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Downtown Vegas

Vegas Baby! So in my last blog I talked about a few Casinos I have been to on the strip in Las Vegas. Now everything changes and I will talk about downtown Vegas!

When you arrive in Vegas you will exit the airport and the chances are you will see a line-up of taxi’s and limo’s that will bring you to the hotel that you are staying at. To get from the airport to downtown Vegas is about 10-15 minutes and about $60 if you take a limo. I always take a limo from the airport because of its convenience. It also feels great pulling up to your hotel in a nice limo.


63998_10151394265615797_1819425055_n 430851_10151394265545797_536388345_n 553161_10151394265670797_135093734_n

Now you are in downtown Vegas, what are the casinos here and what are they like you may ask. When you arrive in the downtown you will more than likely be at a casino that exits onto Freemont Street. You want to see the Freemont Street experience, that is one of the reasons to stay downtown.

What to do when you are in downtown Vegas? When you are here you will notice that compared to “the strip” you are going to have lower bet limits. When you walk through Freemont Street you will have the entrances to all the casinos on the strip and these casinos usually have half dressed women dealing cards or serving drinks to attract the people into the casino. The games are played a lot smaller and slower here as well.

So now you are in the Freemont area and you want to eat right? Where are you going to eat here? Well you could have a couple of places to eat and it all depends on what you want to eat. Back in 2009 I played the Binion’s Poker Classic Main Event and before I played I had to eat some breakfast, which I did at the Golden Nugget. I have eaten their a number of times now and its all good. I’ve had the steak and eggs and the bacon and eggs with hash browns so either is really good and portion sizes are great.

392013_10150589499345797_160554165_n 409429_10150589497625797_798830805_n

If you are looking for a buffet downtown you will want to check out the buffet at the Freemont. This buffet is called the Paradise Buffet & Cafe, it is amazing. When you go there you will notice they have everything on there buffet. You will also not be disappointed in your selection or the price. This has to be one of the cheapest and best buffets I have ever been to.


Now that we have talked about to of the Casinos to eat at you will probably want to go to the Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. This Casino is the poker holy grail and it has a number of restaurants in it as well. You can eat at the diner on the casino floor and that is fine but you may want some other types of food. When I was there a few years ago they had an all you can eat ribs option in one of there other restaurant and it was $12.99 so that is a pretty good option as well.


The poker room at the Binion’s is great but the limits are small. It is pretty good to play there if you want to play something like 1-2 NL which you will probably find at least one table game. Now if you are looking for tournaments though you are going to like this place. Honestly I have to say they have the best run tournaments in Vegas. I have played here a number of times and every time I am never disappointed with anything. The blind levels increase and starting chips are ratio’d perfectly at this casino. I have also never had a problem with any of the dealers, they have all been great.

I hope you enjoy your stay or visit to downtown Vegas. If you want to here more about Vegas or any other destination check out one of my other blogs. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Page and Twitter account.  Happy Travels!

Las Vegas

Visit Top Casinos In Las Vegas

Have you ever wanted to go to Las Vegas? If you ever have wanted to go but couldn’t figure out where to stay than this blog may just be for you. I will compile the top casinos in Las Vegas list but to be honest I haven’t attended all the casinos in Las Vegas. Also lets call this an introduction post because I am going to do a series of Las Vegas posts. I am not sure I could really justify writing a 30,000 word blog post on Las Vegas. LOL


So, lets start off with this. When thinking about top casinos you need to know what you are going for. An example of this is are you going to play poker, maybe you are going for a buffet and lastly maybe you are going to go play low limit black jack? Therefore you need to know what you are going to be doing if you are going to travel to a casino. Personally here in this blog I will just generalize these casinos and probably give you a description of a positive for each one I list. I will be listing these casinos in no particular order so enjoy.

The Venetian

This hotel is all suites! You will find a beautiful entrance area and stunning murals on the ceilings and walls. The Casino has 2 parts, the Palazzo and the Venetian. If you want to play poker though the only one to do that at is The Venetian. In my humble opinion one of the best Poker Room in Vegas is at the Venetian. I was there for 5 days and only left the poker room to go eat at the Mirage buffet.

The Mirage

The Mirage which is located in a very convenient location in the middle of the strip. If you are staying at the Mirage you are located within walking distance to The Wynne, Ceasers Palace, The Bellagio, Paris and Ballies. So, why is this casino worth a mention on this blog? The Mirage has probably one of the best buffets in Vegas. When I go to Vegas I eat here every time. You have food from all over the world whether you want Chinese or Italian you can get it. Also the price, compared to other hotels in its class the price is cheap and the food is great!


If you are going to The Mirage I would live to hear how your time was because I haven’t stayed there yet so I can’t say how the rooms are. One time I was able to check out the pool area because I was staying at The Bellagio and they allowed me to go to their pool. As for the gambling the poker room use to be booming back in the day but now I thought it was pretty slow. The last time I went they only had one table of 2-5NL and maybe a couple 1-2NL. That is significantly less than what it was a decade ago when I played 20-40 limit there and the room was packed.

The Bellagio

What can I say about The Bellagio? I have stayed here several times now and the rooms have a beautiful view of there iconic fountains. I haven’t stayed in any rooms yet that haven’t had a view so Im not sure if they are any different. The rooms are guarded by security which is awesome because only hotel guests can get up to the rooms. As for the inside of the rooms, if you love marble than its for you. I have also seen the suits and they are very very nice. I went to a wedding there about a decade ago and it was absolutely amazing.

Gambling at the Bellagio? I have played poker there and it is the hotel with the iconic Bobby’s Room so you will see people like Jennifer Tilley, Jackie Chan, Doyle Brunson and others. All in all put your name on the waiting list early and don’t worry about what type of game you want to play because they have it. The last time I was their I witnessed a pretty nice Chinese Poker game at 8:00 a.m.

I could go on and on about Vegas and probably will do more posts because I haven’t even touched the Freemont Street experience in old Vegas or even any of the newer casinos on the strip. I have been to Vegas many times and I will cover these topics and hotels much more in coming blogs! I hope you enjoyed this one though.

Where have you stayed? Have you had an experience like any of these? If you would like to join the conversation comment below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Have a wonderful day but don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for amazing travel related opportunities!.

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