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Top 5 All Inclusive Resorts For Honeymooners

So you are planning your wedding and now it’s time to plan the honeymoon. Don’t miss this list of Top 5 All Inclusive Resorts For Honeymooners. Weddings are stressful so don’t worry we have you covered on this front.

Before I had gotten married we found our honeymoon destination without any trouble at all. Myself and my new bride had planned a trip to Paris, France so we didn’t go all inclusive. You can read about our honeymoon here if you wish.

Now on to the wonderful list, in no particular order, of Top 5 All Inclusive Resorts For Honeymooners.

  1. El Dorado Maroma, Mexico – The El Dorado Maroma has some of the most amazing views and a very large resort. This resort has everything you will need with lazy rivers and numerous swim up bars. If you like eating off of a menu, you will find most of the restaurants are a la carte and the resort has 24 hour room service. To honeymooners you may not care about that so much. The resort is Adults Only, which is a big plus. The Eldorado Royal currently has a Taste Of Romance Honeymoon Package which includes late checkout, discounts on the spa, champagne etc. etc. find out more here.
  2. Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica – When here at the Sandals Resort in Jamaica you will be completely floored as they have some of the best accommodations for all inclusive in the world. They recently installed the over the water bungalow! This is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. Click here to see this suite. They have so much to do with enhancements such as couples diving, messages and nightly entertainment. It is a very nice resort and you will be impressed. Especially if you want to splurge a little.
  3. Excellence El Carmen , Punta Cana – This Adults Only resort in Punta Cana will impress everyone. Swim up rooms with a modern looking interior. The Resort has fun for all ages so if your a young 20 something or a little older, you will love the facilities, food and extra hospitality. You will be able to enjoy couples messages, scuba diving, beach yoga and tennis lessons. There is really to much to list if you want to stay here. I encourage you to check it out here.
  4. Gansevoort, Turks and Caicos – This elegant resort is Prime with luxury. Most Turks and Caicos hotels if not all are luxury. Turks and Caicos is expensive but you will fall in love with the views and sandy white beaches. This resort has everything, from out door showers to private decks and a 7000 sq.ft pool. Take the tour of his facility here.
  5. Sandals LaSource, St.George’s Grenada – This is another spectacular resort from the Sandals collection. You will find top notch luxury here at this resort. This beauty has swim up rooms, pools in the sky off of suites and butler service. For someone’s looking for romantic luxury, you will find it all here. This resort will not disappoint and you will be thankful for the experience.

This list of top 5 all inclusive resorts for honeymooners was compiled so you can narrow down your search and have the most romantic getaway imaginable. My blog does contain affiliate links that if booked through I will receive a small commission. Nonetheless you won’t go wrong with any of these resorts.

If you like this list and know of someone about to get married than pass it on! The stress of a wedding doesn’t have to include picking a honeymoon destination.

Honeymoon in Paris, France

Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower

Our trip to Paris, France, it was July of 2009 and the summer weather was nice and hot. To take you to the beginning of the trip we flew out of Toronto Pearson International Airport Using Air France. When we flew from Canada we just happened to pick the wrong time of day to fly out. This is one thing that I recommend is if you are flying to Europe from the East Coast of North America I highly recommend taking the red eye or the latest departure flight out of Canada or U.S. as you can. With the time change you will lose a day but unless you can sleep on a plane or stay awake from 7 am all day, it will screw up your biological clock and may ruin your trip if its not a long one.

So we flew out of Toronto around 4 p.m. EST if I remember correctly and we arrived in Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport at about 6:00 am Paris time. So by the time we received our bags and caught a cab it was a little rough considering our hotel room wasn’t available for check in until later in the day. I don’t think that is uncommon even here in Canada.

Paris, France Eiffel Tower

Our trip to Paris was sensational despite the jet lag at the beginning of the trip. We stayed at the Novotel which was about a 15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. We visited tons of tourists attractions while we there. Our trip was a week long and during that week we visited Euro Disney, Dom Perignon Champagnes tour, Moet Champagnes tour, Catacombs, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre, Arc De Triomphe and had dinner in the Eiffel Tower seen the original Mona Lisa. During the trip we frequented a number of local establishments and I can write a blog on every individual one probably.

LouvreArc De Triomphe

During our stay we did happen to be there during the French National Holiday called Bastille Day. This was very interesting to witness and definitely recommend someone to go there at that time. It would be like going to Ottawa on Canada Day or to the United States on the 4th of July. We seen a number of tanks rolling through the streets with tons of soldiers and lots of fighter jets all over the sky. It was a wonderful time in deed.

Notre Dame CathedralNotre Dame CathedralMona LisaEiffel Tower

I just want to say one thing about the taxi service there and why I would recommend Uber while in Paris. We were taken for a ride and with the exchange rate from Canadian Dollars to Euro’s I can tell you it wasn’t a cheap ride. My wife and went from our hotel to one of the multi level malls and it was roughly a 30-35 Euro cab ride there. When we returned back from the mall it was a 12 Euro taxi ride so with the language barrier that we had it was a disadvantage and we were taken advantage of. So I will always support Uber in these situations. Other than that it was an awesome trip and can’t wait to go back again!

Euro Disney541689_10151394271890797_1250571074_n

While uploading pictures there was so much more to Paris that I could talk about but this is a blog and not a novel!  😉 One more thought and that is that since this was 2009 all these pics are pre-iphone camera I think! lol Well I didn’t have an iPhone camera phone then any ways!


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