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Top 5 European Vacations

Europe can be a romantic getaway for two or a beautiful family vacation. Our list of top 5 European vacations will take a look at what destinations we would love to see you visit. I hope you enjoy the read and share this article with your friends!

Recently I conducted a twitter poll to see what area of the world my followers enjoyed reading about. In the poll I had given the choices of Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. Needless to say my follower still chose Europe!

Top 5 European Vacations:

Germany: Germany has long been the centre attraction for Europe. When traveling to Europe from the United States or Canada you will want to fly the prestigious German airline Lufthansa. I have flown Lufthansa a number of times and have never been disappointed. The majority of times I have traveled to Germany Inhave flown into Frankfurt and that’s fine but it’s not necessary. Germany has a beautiful landscape and is very populated so you can basically fly into Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Hannover or anywhere really. With so much to do in Germany you can go at any season and be delighted. Oktoberfest is one time I want to go but haven’t been able to yet so that’s a bucket list for me. A number of things can be done in Germany from traveling the Rien River in a bot Cruse to visiting castles from the 1800’s. Germany is rich in historic sights and is a must visit for any history buff.

France: When people mention France some might think cheese, wine and love. The countryside is really beautiful and France has plenty to offer other than Paris. When traveling to France, again, you might want to take the country airline, Air France. I have flown to Paris from Toronto using this airline and the one recommendation I can give is to take the late flight. When we traveled to Paris we flew out at dinner time and arrived in paris in the morning. So unless you can sleep in a plane I don’t recommend this because I was so burnt that it took 2-3 day s to adjust. Nonetheless what is there to do? Go and take the wine tours. I have been on tours for Dom Parignon and Moet which were amazing. I would also say go and see Versailles because that is a very beautiful place. If you love river cruising you can even go from France across Europe so that might be an amazing way to see the country. There is so much to do in France and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Italy: What country in Europe has so much culture and great food? I would have to say Italy. If you want a romantic getaway with a reasonable budget this will be the place. You can visit so many historic places sites that you will jot be disappointed. Your destinations in Italy can include Rome, Pisa, Florence and Venice. All of these cities have amazing attractions from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Colosseum in Rome. Italy sent a very big country geographically so you will have plenty of time to visit everything in a couple of weeks. I recommend taking in the Italian culture we have all come to love.

Sweden: How about traveling to Northern Europe? You will find Sweden is a destination you want to see. If you have never been to Sweden you will definitely want to check out Stockholm. When we traveled to Stockholm we visited a number of attractions in a day. It really all depends on how much you want to take in. The place is beautiful and you will see so much history. I learned a lot when going there and was really surprised. One thing you should keep in mind about Sweden though is that they do not use the Euro and have there own currency, The Kroner.

Switzerland: The landscape of Switzerland is really something to see. I feel you plan on mountain climbing or skiing, you may not fondness anything comparable ever. The Swiss Alps are breathtaking and a forsure bucket list destination for anyone. You will find castles and beautiful ski resorts throughout this Central European country but inparticular in Bern, you will experience the culture unlike anywhere else.

This list of Top 5 European Vacations is just the start. Traveling throughout Europe is fun and can be done easily by train if that’s something you think you would enjoy. Rail is an economical way to visit and see the countryside at the same time. You could travel a lifetime through Europe and never see it all. You will love each and every one of these hotspots. Don’t forget to Like and Share this list with all your aspiring travel friends! You can follow more of our travels and find amazing travel deals by signing up to our newsletter.

Top things to do in Paris

While vacationing in Paris, France we used a handbook that had the Top things to do in Paris and it was really helpful. In this blog post I am going to break it down and give you my lis to what to do when in Paris, France.

Me and my wife spent a week vacationing in Paris on our honeymoon and you can read about that here. So being there for a week we had ample time to visit the entire city and do almost everything there was to do for travellers. The list below is the top things we had done.

  1. The Eiffel Tower
    View of Eiffel Tower in Paris

    View of Eiffel Tower

    The Eiffel Tower has superb views of Paris and is the main tourist attraction in the city hands down. The restaurant is amazing and the food was quite good. The one thing for us is we were told at the Eiffel Tower to make Reservations from the concierge at the hotel and when we did that the hotel said they couldn’t. So my advise is brush up on your French because they aren’t to accommodating in that aspect.

  2. Arc De Triomphe
    Arc De Triomphe

    View From Arc De Triomphe

    The Arc Se Triomphe is an amazing sight to see. The marvel of the architecture and the engravings of the soldiers names on the monument is a real treat for historians who like that sort of thing. When visiting the Arc it is definitely recommended to spend the extra couple Euros to walk to the top as the views are breath taking.

  3. The Louvre
    Louvre - Top Things to do in Paris

    The Louvre

    Talk about the museum of all museums. In Paris you cannot visit without going here. The Louvre has so much history and is rich with paintings and statues that even if your not into that sort of thing you will love the history of it.

  4. Notre Dame Cathedral
    Notre Dame Cathedral

    Notre Dame Cathedral

    This is the holy grail of all churches out side of the vatican, so I’ve been told. So if you are a Catholic it would be a real treat to go see this place. The architecture and chills you get when you walk in the door is pretty unbelievable. When we went there just happened to be a mass going on and it was a true blessing to see.

  5. Paris Sewer Museum  – What would a trip to Paris be without checking out the Paris sewer museum. This was a pretty good experience to see how the old city ran the sewage through the city. I have no idea why we went in this but I’m glad we did. One thing I recommend is not to wear sandals though. That was kind of gross.


So this is a list of things that are must do’s for Paris. If you ask me you could probably do all of these things in a day or day and a half. If you do get the chance to go to Paris there is a ton of other stuff to do but this will be a good start. Don’t forget to check out all the shops and what the city has to offer.

Also these attractions are all walking distance from each other so I would just recommend wearing a good pair of shoes!

Until next time enjoy your travels!

Honeymoon in Paris, France

Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower

Our trip to Paris, France, it was July of 2009 and the summer weather was nice and hot. To take you to the beginning of the trip we flew out of Toronto Pearson International Airport Using Air France. When we flew from Canada we just happened to pick the wrong time of day to fly out. This is one thing that I recommend is if you are flying to Europe from the East Coast of North America I highly recommend taking the red eye or the latest departure flight out of Canada or U.S. as you can. With the time change you will lose a day but unless you can sleep on a plane or stay awake from 7 am all day, it will screw up your biological clock and may ruin your trip if its not a long one.

So we flew out of Toronto around 4 p.m. EST if I remember correctly and we arrived in Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport at about 6:00 am Paris time. So by the time we received our bags and caught a cab it was a little rough considering our hotel room wasn’t available for check in until later in the day. I don’t think that is uncommon even here in Canada.

Paris, France Eiffel Tower

Our trip to Paris was sensational despite the jet lag at the beginning of the trip. We stayed at the Novotel which was about a 15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. We visited tons of tourists attractions while we there. Our trip was a week long and during that week we visited Euro Disney, Dom Perignon Champagnes tour, Moet Champagnes tour, Catacombs, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre, Arc De Triomphe and had dinner in the Eiffel Tower seen the original Mona Lisa. During the trip we frequented a number of local establishments and I can write a blog on every individual one probably.

LouvreArc De Triomphe

During our stay we did happen to be there during the French National Holiday called Bastille Day. This was very interesting to witness and definitely recommend someone to go there at that time. It would be like going to Ottawa on Canada Day or to the United States on the 4th of July. We seen a number of tanks rolling through the streets with tons of soldiers and lots of fighter jets all over the sky. It was a wonderful time in deed.

Notre Dame CathedralNotre Dame CathedralMona LisaEiffel Tower

I just want to say one thing about the taxi service there and why I would recommend Uber while in Paris. We were taken for a ride and with the exchange rate from Canadian Dollars to Euro’s I can tell you it wasn’t a cheap ride. My wife and went from our hotel to one of the multi level malls and it was roughly a 30-35 Euro cab ride there. When we returned back from the mall it was a 12 Euro taxi ride so with the language barrier that we had it was a disadvantage and we were taken advantage of. So I will always support Uber in these situations. Other than that it was an awesome trip and can’t wait to go back again!

Euro Disney541689_10151394271890797_1250571074_n

While uploading pictures there was so much more to Paris that I could talk about but this is a blog and not a novel!  😉 One more thought and that is that since this was 2009 all these pics are pre-iphone camera I think! lol Well I didn’t have an iPhone camera phone then any ways!


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