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One Hour In Lake Louis

With only one hour in Lake Louise we had to zip in and zip out. Lake Louise is a beautiful place to go if you are ever in the Banff, Alberta area. Lake Louis is located about 10 minutes outside of Banff and is located in an extremely convenient location. On our trip to Lake Louise we weren’t even going to go and when we decided last minute to go we ended up getting stuck in traffic. This is one thing about the area, lots and lots of traffic. When we arrived at the parking area we had to go through it twice just to find a spot so if you are going be prepared for the possibility of parking about 15 minutes away. I wouldn’t worry though because there are shuttle buses provided.

This little hour wasn’t to eventful so I won’t bore all you readers with it but what I have to say is that it is an amazing spot for photography. You have the aqua blue lakes with the snow covered mountains and the aqua streams. It is a definite must see if you are in the area as it is absolutely breath taking.

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Top 5 Bucket List Destinations in Canada

Canada is the most beautiful country in the world and from coast to coast to coast we have everything to offer. My list of the Top 5 Bucket List Destinations in Canada will be very authentic. If you ever want to travel to Canada this will give you a great start to where to go.

I have assembled this list and I hope you find it helpful. The Top 5 Bucket List Destinations in Canada:

  1. Signal Hill, St.John’s, Newfoundland – The most eastern point in North America, you will want to see this place. You can sit at the top of the hill and be the first in the western world to see the sun rise. This place is also home of iceberg alley. Should you come here at the right time of the year, you will see icebergs coming down from the arctic. You can read my recent trip to Signal Hill and St.John’s Newfoundland here.
  2. Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario – Ottawa, Ontario which is the nations capital and is one of the nicest cities in the entire country. This place has a beautiful setting and borders Gatineau, Quebec. If you go to Ottawa in the winter the Rideau Canal is frozen over and people skate up and down the canal. The area which is steps from the Parliament Buildings is a great spot for tourist. Ottawa offers so much to do and is reasonably priced. The best Shawarma’s in Canada are at the Shawarma King on Rideau. You will not go wrong eating at this place. There is so much to do in Ottawa that I may have to write a separate blog on it all together. In the mean time check out this one. Check out the Rideau Canal tourism website here.
  3. Calgary, Alberta – Calgary Alberta is home to a number of beautiful attractions. Whether you are planning a winter getaway or a summer retreat Calgary has plenty to offer. I was recently in Calgary for the Stampede and wrote a number of blogs about it that can be found here. If you do go to the Stampede you will be pleasantly surprised buy the cost of everything. Unlike Toronto, in my opinion, you will find great prices on everything from beer to hotel rooms. If you like winter than this city has it all. They were the host of the 1988 winter Olympics so they have plenty of attractions for everyone. Calgary Tourism Website can help you discover tons of information right here.
  4. Banff, Alberta – Banff Alberta is a resort town and has tons of amazing things to do and see. If you love to ski or snowboard it will definitely be somewhere you want to go atlas once in your life. Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest park and has breathtaking scenery that will leave you speechless. Bow Lake, Peyto Lake and Lake Louise are just a few of the lakes you will want to view. Skiing and snowboarding at Lake Louise in Banff is spectacular and a must do for avid winter outdoors people. Check out Banff Travel and Tourism Website here.
  5. Victoria, British Columbia – Victoria is one of the most unique and wonderful places on the West Coast. Once you take the fairy to Victoria Island over from Vancouver, you will find loads of things to do. Victoria Island is home to numerous Craft Beer Breweries and festivals so if that is your thing you will love this place. Also Victoria has a number of Spas, Restaurants and festivals year round that will leave you ecstatic that you chose this as your next travel destination. Check out Victoria Travel and Tourism Website here for more information.

Taking a trip to any of these destinations will be nothing short of fantastic and you will love what all have to offer. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter which will provide you with some of the most amazing travel deals out there.

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Calgary Tower

Calgary Stampede Day 1

Our journey this time took us to the wonderful city of Calgary, Alberta. We decided to visit Calgary for one reason, Calgary Stampede. It has alway been a bucket list item of mine to visit the stampede and when I had read that by the end of 2016 you needed to spend all your airmiles or lose them, I figured this was the place I wanted to go. Spending time and travelling in my home country of Canada is always a must do.


Air Canada 13626558_10154248365695797_6123174409579661797_nCalgary StampedeJoey Eau Claire

Now that we have decided to travel to Calgary we had to get our flight and we decided to fly from Sudbury to Toronto and connect there to go to Calgary. The airmiles is the same regardless if you are travelling from Sudbury or Toronto so we decided to save a night in a hotel and go from our home town. We flew Air Canada which was extremely convenient because we could drop our luggage in Sudbury and get it in Calgary.


Upon arriving in Calgary we were picked up at the airport by a friend who I haven’t seen in ages and we went for a quick drink before heading to the hotel. After we checked into the hotel we decided to venture the city and see what was up. Keep in mind this is Thursday and the Stampede doesn’t officially begin until Friday. We ended up staying at the Delta Calgary Downtown and it was a great hotel. We did pay a little over $300 a night and according to the taxi guy on the way to the airport it was double or triple of what it usually is. That being said comparing to downtown Toronto meh, it was reasonable.


Now we decided to hit the town. We ventured out with no particular plans whatsoever and we were on foot so we explored. The view from our hotel room was of the beautiful Calgary Tower so we decided to head that way to see what else we could find. We first went to the park across the street from the hotel and marvelled at the statues they had. I found to my surprise that this downtown was extremely artsy. I never would have thought that to be the case so I was really surprised.

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Nonetheless once we had finished up looking at that stuff we took a walk down to Stephen Avenue Walk. This is an area of downtown Calgary that you cannot drive, only walk and its filled with restaurants and street venders. We really had no clue where to go so we decided to stop at Thomsons Restaurant which is attached to the Hyatt. While there I had an amazing beer called the Wild Rose Czeck Pilsner which was excellent. Normally I don’t drink the no namers but it was a good guess. For my food I had the salt and pepper chicken wings, another great choice.

13599938_10154248364630797_7250765210965513422_n13567447_10154248365370797_8211557493819303475_n 13599833_10154248365325797_7018199014609795730_n 13612176_10154248365195797_8449626984051725480_n

After having some food and a couple drinks we decided to head out to do more exploring. We ended up walking to the Calgary Tower to see what the views of the city were like. This was probably the most expensive thing we did but at the end of the day it was a must do thing. So we took the elevator to the top and gazed out over the Calgary skyline. The view was spectacular as the mountains where just visible because of the weather but it was an amazing view. If you are ever in Calgary its a must do.

Now that our night was finishing up we decided to find ourselves some cowboy hats. Myself and my wife took a stroll back to Stephens Avenue to find a store that would have some at a reasonable price. The one thing I found about this trip is this, Calgarian’s don’t rip off there tourists and for that I think they are awesome. We went and found a store where my wife could find a hat for roughly $35 and mine was about $120. It was the real deal and not a plastic one so honestly I didn’t mind paying. Our hats were purchased at Lammles at the Stephens Walk.

Now that we had found what we were looking for we decided to head back to our hotel. I had a friend who was working in Calgary who we were meeting up with for dinner and we would be meeting at Joey Eau Claires in the Eau Claire Market. This restaurant was perfect really, not to fancy but very good.  So what I had there was Steak and Sushi and I also had a potato wrapped in what appeared to be a spring roll. I am not sure what its called but awesome.

Now that we finished there we decided to head back to the hotel which was about a 15 minute walk. When we arrived at the hotel we were walking in and I spotted someone who looked like the Premiere of the Province, Rachel Notley sitting in the lobby restaurant. To my surprise it was and I asked her for a picture and she kindly accepted, to my surprise. She said go get a cowboy hat after taking the picture and to be honest her security looked super annoyed but oh well. I got a good laugh on Facebook after.

Hotels.com: $99 or Less

So this is the end of Day 1 for me in Calgary at the Calgary Stampede and continue reading on because we spent two more wonderful days that were fun filled. Such an amazing city and group of people.

More great pictures can be found at this Facebook Link HERE

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