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I have recently discovered or re discovered Pinterest. As of today my number one traffic driver to my website is Pinterest and I couldn’t be happier. Below I will give you a few simple Pinterest tips for travel bloggers like you!

If you do use Pinterest you will see some reasonable results immediately and you should be very impressed. Myself as a “Travel Blogger” I have got to work because lets be honest travel blogging doesn’t pay the bills but its fun and so is social media so if you need some advise on that aspect take a look at for your social media management needs.

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So since that is out of the way lets get started. Whats the first thing you should do when starting your Pinterest account? First off you will want to get a Pinterest Business account or Pinterest for Business account. This lets you see all the analytics of your account and see where your viewers are tuning in from. Also this little tool lets you see how your pins are performing and which pins are doing best and which of your boards has the most pins, Boom! So, when you do this you will also come up with ideas for your next blog posts!

Secondly, when using a Pinterest Business account you will want to apply to have your website verified so you can start using Rich Pins. Rich Pins are essential for all bloggers and not just Travel Bloggers. The Rich Pin essentially has more data attached to it and will perform much better than a regular pin. There are three types of Rich Pins; retail, recipe and blog. If you are a retail store you can sell your products with your rich pin directly through Pinterest and if you are a food blogger you can insert code in your page to have your recipe show up on the food pin and for travel bloggers, like us, it puts the preview text on the pin and Im no expert in SEO but I would think thats a good thing.


Next, you will want to insert pins into your your blog. You will be able to insert your pins, boards, save buttons, follow button and profile, so pick which ever one you want and insert it. These are great for analytics and make your post easier to share. Once you have inserted your pins into your post you will want to validate your webpage. You can do this on the developers part of Pinterest.

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Now that you know how to set up your blog for a Pinterest Business account, lets look at how you create your pins. I use the one and only Canva for my pin creation. How this website is free is beyond me so I make as many as I can before they change there mind. You will use this website to use the standard size Pin template which they provide and you will also have the option to use one of their templates and pictures for pin design or use and come up with your own. I personally use my own and try and create mine. The reason I do this is because even though they have amazing pics the originality is gone because everyone has access to them. I also use Pixabay for pictures but again lots of non original content. Now that you have created these amazing looking pins start pinning. Some little tips I’ve learned is to not use more than 3 different size fonts and try and use bright eye catching photos.

Now just to recap the steps that will be needed for you to have spectacular pins for your blog:

So basically this is a small checklist when getting started on your Pinterest for Business account and using it for your blog. Of coarse there is lots more to do and learn but this will be a great start for anyone who wants to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. We all know that using social media is an important part of blogging. I also use Twitter and Facebook for my blog but at this time Pinterest is my number one traffic driver. My Twitter account has 6000+ followers, My Facebook Page 1100 and Pinterest 1284 as I write this blog. So with numbers like that you may be surprised that my traffic comes from Pinterest, Facebook and then Twitter. By far Pinterest drives more than triple the amount than Facebook so its a must.

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Click some of the social buttons below to share this post. Also share all my posts with your friends who love to travel. If you are interested in food then check out my Food Blog and Food Blog Pinterest Account. I have made a separate account for that one but not sure if that was the right move. Let me know when you do or I will let you all know when I find out.

I have included a few links to different parts of Pinterest in this post to make it easier for you and probably one of the only posts I have without any affiliate links so have fun!

Now that you have read this I hope you understand the benefits of using Pinterest Business Account vs Personal Pinterest Account.

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