Paper Straws Are Here And People Aren’t Happy

Plastic Straws

The great debate has now started across the internet and in society. Paper straws tend to be the new trend at restaurants, fast food joints and in health stores. Is it necessary or just a fad? Paper straws are here and people aren’t happy, so what gives?

First of all, this could just be a new trend and it will go away in a few years when people decide they have had enough, like anything else. On the other hand this could be here to stay for a generation or so.

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Many of the companies doing so are doing it to attract the new age younger crowd into their establishment. The generation that was born in the 90’s or sooner are more likely to shop somewhere that is environmentally aware.

This brings us to the next point. What sense does it make to have a paper straw in a plastic cup? Paper straws don’t last as long and aren’t as durable as the plastic straws and these companies are still using plastic lids. Does this even make any sense?

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Consumers around the world aren’t happy about the paper straws being forced upon society and they have taken to twitter to voice their displeasure.

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