Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort Review

March break is always a busy time of the year to travel and usually one of the most expensive times to go on a trip. This year we had decided to bring the kiddie to the Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort. This is an all kids resort with plenty to do. Below is a quick Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort Review that I will do for you so you know what to expect or to help make your decision if you want to stay here.

Punta Cana
Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Our vacation started out in Toronto, Ontario where we flew Air Canada Rouge from Toronto to Punta Cana. This flight lasted about 4 and a half hours. One thing to note is that when landing in the Dominican it takes quite some time to clear customs (took us about an hour or more). Upon arrival we had already set up with the resort transportation to and from the Resort and Airport with Nexus. I believe Nexus is the provider the hotel uses considering we booked directly with them. This service was spot on and totally recommend it. When we had booked the service we didn’t book the private transportation and even though there were people waiting we still had a private ride to and from the hotel.

We arrived at the Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort at about 1:30 p.m. and because check in isn’t until 3:00 p.m. we had to check our bags and carry out through the resort. Our first stop at the resort was the buffet at Sugarcane. Considering we had been up since 3 a.m. to get to our 6 a.m. flight in Toronto it felt a little like dinner time. Next on our trip was to go check out the beach area. This resorts beach is very nice but when you are looking pasty and in jeans you can get a little cranky lol. So once we had a few drinks and let the kid play in a mini water park we decided to head back to see if our room was ready. When getting back to the front desk area we were treated with champaign for the adults and slime for the kid.

Slime and Wine

Once 3 p.m. hit we were taken to our room with our luggage by golf cart. I haven’t been to many resorts but this seems to be a Karisma Resort thing and I like it. Nonetheless we arrived at our room to unpack and get ready for some fun at the beach. Our room had 1 king size bed with a separate pull out couch. This is something I wasn’t impressed with and especially for the price I feel they can do a better job. So now that we were ready to roll we hit the beach. Once we finished up at the beach we decided to hit the Gourmet Inclusive Market for dinner. We didn’t have reservations for dinner because we hadn’t talked to the concierge yet so when we arrived at Spacewalker Restaurant and it was empty and they couldn’t serve us because we didn’t have any reservations it kind of sucked. All in all though we ended up eating at the BRGRS place and it was excellent.

The duration of our stay was 4 nights. When we first arrived and for a couple days after we though holy man we should have stayed the 7 days but when our time was up to leave we felt that 5 days and 4 nights is a perfect time to get away. During our stay at the Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort we experienced most of what it had to offer. On our second day there we ended up ordering room service for breakfast and it took about 45 minutes and the eggs and bacon and sausage were good. The eggs could have been better though and I would recommend just going to the Sugarcane for the breakfast buffet because the selection is more than enough compared to the room service option.

During our stay we decided to do a few activities and we booked them directly with our concierge. During this time they tried to get us to go to a spiel about how you can get better deals when traveling to a Karisma Resort and that by going they would comp an activity. We did this at the other Karisma Resort we went to in Mexico and even though the Sliming and the Ninja Turtle Breakfast was extra I’m glad I paid for it rather than sit through the boiler room, high pressure sales onslaught lol. None the less we booked our activities and made reservations for the restaurants we were going to eat at. To me making reservations 3 days in advance is stupid and when I compare this resort with the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas I will talk more about that.

Ninja Turtle Breakfast

So during our stay we ate at multiple restaurants but the one that was easiest and most convenient was the one at the water park. The water park is pretty much the best part for the kids and one of the best for the adults to chill. This resort is massive and we took the golf cart over to the water park because walking wasn’t gonna happen. The water park consisted of 3 water slides, a lazy river, a pool, a sliming area, a wash off stations and a restaurant. The restaurant there was a patio one that was excellent. You could get chicken wings, pizza, fruit, alcoholic drinks, nonalcoholic drinks, fries etc. so it had everything you needed.

Transportation to and from the water park was good but not like the transportation at other Karisma Resorts. The golf carts weren’t as frequent and mostly didn’t drive on a schedule. The only reason I put that as a negative is because I’ve been at other Karisma Resorts and they work better there. This resort is laid out very nicely and convent though and everything is walking distance really. The kids water park had an excellent worker there who deserves a shout out. My son was attached to him at the slides and he was good to the kids, Louis P I believe is his name.

Louis P and The Kid

The restaurants that we ate at were all great. The food was good but compared to the El Dorado resort in Mexico which is also a Karisma resort the food wasn’t as good and I expected better and more selection. Nonetheless comparing it to the Atlantis it was on par if not a bit better. During our stay we ate at Sugarcane for lunch and breakfast (service wasn’t that great), we ate at BRGR which was great, we ate at WOK WOK which is a asian restaurant and it was good but didn’t agree with me, Zest (was OK), Verdello – amazing Italian dinner, Aqua Bite – Great and best one for the afternoons and Doppio for our coffee and desert. Fresco which was down by our room on the edge of the lazy river was piss poor. They wouldn’t serve my wife because she wanted to bring it to the room after being at the water park all day. Also they closed a half hour early one day and refused to serve us. This was completely unacceptable and for the price pop the resort quite disappointing so watch out for that.

The main pool area at the front was spectacular and you could go from pool to beach to ocean with in steps. When you arrive they give you cards for your towels and you have to use them to get beach towels and if you don’t return the towel you don’t get your card back and you get charged at the end of your stay, this is also annoying considering they close the towel stand at 5 p.m.. As for the beach it was beautiful and water was nice, unfortunately for us the yellow flags were up because the water was rough but the week before the red flags were up and the beach was taped off so we were lucky in that sense.

At the kids waterpark they have a group sliming at 3 p.m. every day and it is worth it because its free and the kids love it. So that said if you want to book a private sliming then do it with your concierge, I recommend it. We did the private sliming and the Ninja Turtle Breakfast and for 3 of us it came to $350 Canadian when we checked out. How many times are you going to be there so don’t be cheap and do it lol.

Group Sliming

So that is pretty much it for our vacation there and if I think of any more I will definitely create a new post and share it. I will also be working on a post that compares The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and the Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort in Punta Cana. These 2 resorts are very comparable but both have plus and minuses and I’ve been to both so I will compare for you and you can decide which one you think suits your fan jam best.

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