Media Kit

I have thousands of followers over all forms of social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on for your company to engage with. Through me we will be able to boost your online presence and be able to get those sales or information on one of your products out to the market. By including me we will make it happen!

So here is what I can do for you:

I can write a blog about my time in your establishment. Now whether it is a hotel, resort, restaurant or theme park etc. it doesn’t matter. I can do review of it and spread it out to my thousands of followers on social media as well as this blog.

I can write a blog about your products. If you are a company that has a Navigation product, Head phones, Ear Plugs etc. I can make people familiar with the product so they feel comfortable purchasing it. I would also share this with my many followers.

I can do Facebook Live Interviews with guests and hotel staff as well as the amenities. I could do a live twitter Q&A at the resort or destination with my followers. This would all be shared throughout my social media platforms and be sent to thousands of people.

Lastly, if you want me to visit your location, that can be arranged.

We are also part of a number of Affiliate Programs. Those affiliates have trusted us with delivering for their Brand.

If you are interested in my services fill out the forms below and I will be in contact with you.


Current Affiliates We Work With

My fees for any of these services will be determined at the time of the offer and may change from brand to brand or location to location. Please feel free to contact me immediately at

Until then your Adventure Awaits so Bon Voyage.