Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge

Have you ever wanted to go and have a water park adventure with your entire family? I have seen time and time again being from Canada where we have the same type of theme park, water park, excursion destination as they do South of the border in the United States. Unfortunately for us their is many times when it is actually cheaper for us to cross the border and go to another destination not within our own province or country. So boo to that!

Now if you have ever been to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls you could definitely comment in the bottom section to let me know how it was because unfortunately I have never been. The Great Wolf Lodge that I have been to was located in Traverse City, Michigan and we have been there twice so far because of it distance to us and because it has been, even with the exchange rate, cheaper to go to than any other one in Canada, booo!

If you are going to GWL in Traverse City from Canada you will probably have to cross at the Sault Ste Marie border and drive down the freeway going through Mackinaw City. I would definitely recommend stopping in there because at the very least for lunch because it is a beautiful little gem. I will talk more about Mackinaw city when I travel to Mackinac Island sometime in the future.


Now when you arrive to GWL you will want to do so later in the day and depending on how many nights you are planning on staying there you will want to just take your time. I found that going in early which we did the first time we went there was a disaster because the rooms weren’t ready and it just was a disaster with the excitedness of our child. So you will want to arrive later in the day, trust me on this.

Now the resort itself is extremely beautiful and is why I am not sure if the Niagara one is worth spending the extra money to go to. You have two amazing water slides for kids under 42 inches and they are super strict about this so don’t even bother trying to get away with being 1 inch to short. For the grown ups you can always indulge in the adult or over 42 inches waterslides. Now we went in down these as adults and had a blast as they are both covered in a tube and come out splashing into a waiting pool which is connected to a lazy river.

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You must be wondering how awesome that sounds but the wait times must be incredible for this? Well to be honest we went during the Canadian Thanks Giving Weekend and wait times did not exist. We went up and down the slides at will and had a blast!

There is more to great wolf lodge than the water park though and that is another good thing about this place. The GWL has an arcade that has entertainment in it for all ages. We spent so much time in that place it was really fun. The arcade was also not that expensive. The three of us had a blast and didn’t break the bank while collecting enough tickets to get some cool little souvenirs.

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Besides the Amazing water park and the arcade the GWL experience doesn’t end their. We also did some bowling. They have a number of bowling lanes in the bowling alley with electronic score cards. The bowling is really kid friendly as the balls are the small ones and the lanes are small too! The kids will have a blast with this and considering the fun they will have the price is very minimal.

During the Canadian Thanks Giving the resort was set up for Halloween so the kids got time to do some trick or treating before the evening story time that happened every night in the lobby. I would say this is a really good thing to do because it unwinds the kids and gets them ready for bed! LOL. Before your kid goes to bed you can get them a visit (for an additional cost) by the GWL mascot! It is really nice and your kid will live getting milk and cookies. We have done this both times and both times our child was just so excited!


Now when we went we got a meal plan which includes a breakfast so that is really important. Actually I have never been a fan of these meal plans but lately when I travel I have been getting them and they have been worth it. You will probably want to get that, oh and the refillable cup of coffee at the Dunkin Donuts they have there.

So now the only thing I left out of the experience is the outside water park, the mini putt and wall climbing because unfortunately both times we were there the weather was not cooperating with us. I sure can go on and on about the service and experience but I kept it short and sweet to give you the info you need!

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  1. I’ve never been to the Great Wolf Lodge, but we’ve passed a few (and I always heard commercials for them in Seattle). It always looks like so much fun, and I bet with kids it’s really the perfect place to go! I’ll have to file this away for future reference, since you’re now the only person I know who has gone!

  2. Looks like a fun place and glad you enjoyed your stay there. We have them in Ohio so I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

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