Dairy Queen Now Has A Dreamsicle Dipped Cone

Dreamsicle Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen just released a new dipped cone just in time for summer. The dipped cone isn’t the butterscotch dip either. This new dipped cone from Dairy Queen is called the dreamsicle.

After my hearing about the new dipped cone my initial thoughts were why wouldn’t you bring back the butterscotch flavour and is this gluten free? Nonetheless this new cone is pretty good.

Dairy Queen which has been around forever has released the dreamsicle dipped cone. The flavour is quite similar tasting to a Creamsicle.

Although DQ didn’t use the name creamsicle dipped cone you will taste the similarity in the product. Most DQ stores have extended hours in the summer months so people can get their icecream fix.

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This new edition to the Dairy Queen lineup is very good and you will want to try it. Even though the Dreamsicle taste kinda like a Creamsicle; you just wont care.

One of the only questions you will be asking yourself about the new Dreamsicle is what size of cone are you going to get?

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