Calgary Stampede Day 3 The Rodeo

Calgary Stampede Day 3 the rodeo started off wonderful. We had left our hotel and ventured down to the park where they had pancake breakfasts for everyone. The food was amazing and to my surprise the pancake breakfast they fed everyone was featured with bacon! Who doesn’t like bacon right!

So after we had our bacon pancakes, which were free, we took a walk back down to the Stampede grounds where we would check out the Rodeo on our final day. The rodeo if you don’t know is a very awesome event where there is bull riding and horse riding and really a whole bunch of different events, I would say this was the best part of the stampede for us. During the rodeo I was actually saying how this is one event I would come back to watch again.

During the rodeo the 50/50 draw was around $50,000 but unfortunately we didn’t win. The rodeo wasn’t the only thing going on that day as they still had all the other festivities outside the arena and we did manage to get our hands on some more of the amazing food that was being cooked up. We did get deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough and other things like that. I will say again that the people of Calgary put on an amazing event and fortunately it as very inexpensive in comparable standards to what I thought it would be. To give you an idea it was roughly $7.50 for a beer and most of the food you could buy was under $15  so in my opinion it was affordable. I really did expect to pay more for everything.

To end the trip on such an amazing not was really worth while. They had been calling for rain the whole time we were there and it held off just until the rodeo was done for us. We ended up taking there subway or street car system back to our hotel after the rodeo and caught up with some friends who have moved there a while back. I would definitely recommend the stampede to anyone who hasn’t been. Calgary was such a beautiful city and we had such a wonderful time.

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