Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas!

Beach at AtlantisWe decided to hit the March Break in a hot destination. We had decided to go to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas! The Bahamas was a beautiful place to go and from start to finish the trip was breath taking. My family will return because the service was awesome and the people were amazing.

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When we decided to go to The Atlantis resort we had looked on-line at a number of other ones but decided on this because of its warm weather, stability and lets face it price. We looked at Turks and Caicos but at this time it wasn’t feasible. To start the journey we were going to book directly through the resort but because the price was in American money and with the exchange rate at the time it made it a lot more expensive. We decided to use West Jet Vacations and called them directly and the price was the same minus the exchange so we saved approximately 20%-30% at that point because of the dollar.

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We booked our vacation flying out of Toronto so we decided to book a room at the Sheridan Airport at Pearson International. The hotel is phenomenal and we had a club room so on our floor we had a club suite where you can eat and drink for free. As we know nothing is free and this is an upgrade, but well worth it.

Now we flew out of the West Jet Terminal as I would call it because it was expanded and renovated and is a very nice place to be in. Our flight was awesome and it was the first time I had been on a plane that provided wifi. The wife was at a cost but it is well worth it as you can access Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so all the social media networks I use.

Landing in the Bahamas was really no problem at all as our luggage didn’t take long to get at all and we had a bus waiting outside to bring us to our destination, The Atlantis Resort! Now on the way to the resort we had to stop at a few other Atlantis resorts to drop off some of our other guests. We had stayed at the Beach Tower in the resort and it is a little walk from the centre of the resort but it is nothing to sneeze at as it has all the amenities that you will need steps from the elevator.

When we booked our trip we purchased a meal plan and that is something you will want to do. The plan seemed expensive at the time but was well worth it. Our plan included Dinner and Breakfast. For our plan we couldn’t eat at all the restaurants but to be honest for a family trip it was perfect and we didn’t miss out on anything. When it was lunch time we decided to hit the little promenade where the shops were and some more restaurants.

Promenade Bahamas IMG_3877 IMG_3885 IMG_3887

When we were there the one thing that was disappointing is that some of the activities we wanted to do were already sold out. So I recommend if you want to swim with dolphins or sharks that you book these prior to. The one we really wanted to bring our kid to was the Sea Squirts but unfortunately did get the opportunity.

While we were there we had gone snorkelling in a separate area where ocean water flows in. We had rented some snorkelling stuff for me and my kid and we hit the water to swim with some tropical fish. This was awesome and something Ive always wanted to do. I brought my GoPro with me so it was great and I was able to video snorkelling with the fishes which was cool!

IMG_7027Snorkelling IMG_7012IMG_6998

During the trip one of the most things I was impressed with was the beach. People go to the Bahamas to see the beached and this beach was very nice. The sand was awesome and the water for the most part was calm and very nice. A funny thing had happened on the last day we were there and I was in the water it was a little rough. The water knocked me down and pulled me out a bit so I was trying to swim back to shore ( 15 feet or so ) and then it pushed me back to shore. When I hit the beach my bathing suit got knocked down a bit, someone got a show. Funny stuff because I had recently lost a bit of weight so my suit was a little big. Tie that sucker up I say.

Beach at Atlantis ResortIMG_6967BeachIMG_3898

Now when we were there we didn’t just sit on the beach! Why would you? This resort has a water park for the young kids and my kid loved it! He spent a lot of time running up and down the play structure. Something like if you have been to Great Wolf Lodge is what they had for kids. Giant splash pad and mini pool about 2 feet deep, if that. So he loved it and for us we took turns going over to the adult or older person slides and we were able to do that.

When using the water slides the wait times weren’t bad at all, despite the 30 + degree temperature while we were there. I had gone down a water slide that went through a tank of sharks, so that was cool. It wasn’t all waterslides though because they also have a lazy river. The river was cool for the little guy as well as he rode on a tube with either me or his mom and we relaxed with a drink and floated around the Beach Tower Resort.

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DCIM100GOPROThe Atlantis also has an amazing tube river for adults. It isn’t a rough river and you will be able to go through no problem. We were going to bring our child on it because it isn’t bad and they wouldn’t let us so I would recommend not showing your kids that part if they are younger. The river was located right close to the children area though so be sneaky! lol.

Our final adventure at the Atlantis Resort was the Casino I guess. The casino is not that big and at night it is busy. They have slots, blackjack, caribbean stud and I think i seen roulette. The limits weren’t that high so it was affordable but it was busy. It also seems like they just opened up table games at night so thats good because you won’t get stuck inside while missing the adventures outside. Maybe it would be different if it was raining but it was sunny and beautiful for the 5 days we were their.


At the time of booking the trip we opted for the bus shuttle and I recommend reserving your spot the day before you leave for the day that you are leaving. We did it the morning of and it seemed to be a little bit of a panic, maybe it was just me. The bus takes you from The Atlantis Paradise Island back to the Airport.

Our time in the Bahamas was amazing and for a first time traveller to the Bahamas and to the Atlantis Resort I would definitely recommend bringing your family there.  I did notice families there with teenage kids so the resort is very accommodating for families all ages! The Atlantis Resort was amazing and is a definite destination you will want to bring your family too. The Atlantis Resort was amazing and I say you should go!


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