About Me


Welcome to my personal travel blog! This site contains all types of information from me to you about travelling inside and outside of Canada. I decided to write a blog on my journey as a middle class Canadian and where it can take you!

Travel Blog

As a child I had travelled around the world. When I was young I has visited the United States, Germany (West and East), France, Czechoslovakia and every province across Canada. As an adult I have travelled to a number of these countries as well. I look forward to sharing my travel blog with you so you can see what the world is like from where I have been.

I came up with the name Middle Class Traveler because I always hear so much how the middle class is shrinking and I couldn’t disagree more! I think its expanding and the middle class is able to afford more things when they travel and are able to travel to more 1st world destinations than ever before.

I think if you are in the middle-class and see the places people travel who are on the same budget you are on then you may be able to appreciate what you can do and want to do more of it! I want you to enjoy the journey and hopefully inspire you to do a bit more travelling.

I will also provide tips and recommendations of places I’ve been or stayed while on vacation so hopefully when you go you can enjoy the time away as much as I do. You will also find merchandise in this travel blog that I have used or do use when I travel. ¬† I hope you enjoy the photos, stories and reviews of all my travels near and far.

This is the story of a middle class Canadian family that enjoys travelling! Enjoy