5 Essentials for the Dominican Republic

I just returned from the Dominican Republic and I thought I would make a list of the 5 essentials for the Dominican Republic. The resort we stayed at was the Nickelodeon Resort and Hotel in Punta Cana and we had a blast. This is a kids resort and like any resort the price for essentials is a little pricey should you forget to bring it. Thats why you need to read this post and take your checklist out!


1) Sunscreen – Sunscreen is expensive at the resort and I like the Spray on kind so thats even more pricey. The affiliate link added sells for under $10 and I payed $30USD for the same bottle.

2) Travel DVD – The planes now a days have iPads instead of the old tv screen infant of you and the cost is $10 which isn’t much but like the price neither is the selection. If you are travelling with a child an investment in a mini travel DVD Player can make all the difference. Under $100 and well worth it!

3) Children’s Life Jacket – Although we didn’t really need it because the ocean was far to rough had we had a calm day we would have. I always pack a life jacket for the kiddie on these trips. The ocean is unforgiving.

4) Multiple Bathing Suits – We always pack multiple bathing suits and this is a must. If your kid is anything like my kid when the sand and beach are involved its nice to have a change of clothes.

5) Aloe Vera – You will get burned. I did and I used a ton of sunscreen and still got it on the shoulders so nothing feels better than adding Aloe Vera at night on that burn.

These are the 5 essentials you will want to travel with especially if you are travelling with a child. I always take all of these 5 whether its to the Bahamas, Florida or Dominican. Don’t forget to check out other articles in our blog for tips and tricks and Family Fun Travels!

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