10 Best Atlanta Tourist Ideas

In this post I am going to list the top 10 best Atlanta tourist ideas. I have always liked traveling here in North America and I think we have a wonderful continent. Our affordability is above average and we really have a good thing. That said I decided to compile this list and I hope you enjoy!


Below is the 10 Best Atlanta Tourist Ideas:

  1. Georgia Aquarium – This Aquarium is a dream come true for all the lovers of sea life. The aquarium is the largest in the world and is home to a large number of species. The Georgia Aquarium is a must see destination for all ages when in Atlanta.
  2. World of Coca-Cola – How many people love Pepsi and how many love Coke? Really it doesn’t matter for this place because you can taste test more than 100 Coca-Cola beverages. This place is a pop lovers dream where you can learn the history of the pop and enjoy the beverages they make.
  3. CNN Studio Tour – Do you love CNN? Do you watch 24 hour news all the time? If so this one is for you! They have a 50 minute guided tour of the global headquarters of CNN News.
  4. Atlanta Zoo – The Atlanta zoo is located in Grant Park and covers over 40 acres of land, which is massive! You will love the zoo and have a blast viewing all the amazing animals that are here.
  5. College Football Hall of Fame – This is it! You want to see who the legends were before they became legends? Football and College go hand in hand in America and you will love this place if you, like many, are a college football fan!
  6. Centennial Olympic Park – Remember the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games? Such a wonderful time to remember. So many athletes had break through moments at these games and the city did not disappoint! This park has something for everyone. Tourist or not you will enjoy the many concerts and charity events this park offers.
  7. Atlanta Professional Sports – This is it! This is what I love to do! When I travel I love to take in a sporting event. Whether its hockey or baseball this is what I love to do when outside of my country. Atlanta has one of the best baseball teams ever! I use to be a big fan of the Braves growing up so this one is a must do! If you love NFL like a ton of people the Atlanta Falcons are a must see and if you are a basketball fan you have the Hawks to go see. Almost every professional sport in this city so sports fans will enjoy!
  8. Fox Theatre – Do you want culture? This is it. The history of this theatre is amazing. It opened in 1929 and was originally a movie theatre. Now this, often known as “The Fabulous Fox” hosts a number of ballets, plays and concerts.
  9. The Varsity – This restaurant is a must do, must see, must eat at restaurant. Hey any restaurant that has been open since 1928 deserves at least a visit. If you are worried about how much room there will be or if it will be packed then don’t worry. This drive up restaurant has over 600 spots for cars to park while you to eat.
  10. Piedmont Park – Are you looking for a beautiful wedding destination? This is the spot for you. You will absolutely love this park. This park hosts festivals and other activities that you will absolutely love. This will be a must see while in Atlanta.

So if you are ever in Atlanta, you will see there is nothing short of what to do. I hope you enjoy the 10 best Atlanta tourist ideas and I hope it helps you with your journey!